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Stem-cell therapy allowed this Marine to continue his military career:

It was our honor to assist Brian from CA, who has been suffering from multiple disc herniations in his lower back. After a failed surgery and dozens of hours of physical therapy, Brian still found himself debilitated and unable to perform his job. He has exhausted all treatment options offered through military medicine, including epidural…
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The gift of sleep for Veteran suffering from insomnia:

After sustaining back fractures and other significant injuries from a helicopter crash in Somalia, this Service Member began his long road to rehabilitation. His severe pain and PTSD triggered chronic insomnia, ultimately leaving him unable to share a bed with his wife, “I’ve been dealing with insomnia for years. Having the bedroom at a comfortable…
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Your support kick-started this Service Member’s recovery from PTSD:

Mission Critical was proud to fund the airfare for a Technical Sergeant and his wife to attend a clinical therapy and research session for veterans with PTSD. Little did we know, this experience would change his life forever. “The one-on-one therapy I received there was instrumental in changing my outlook on life and rediscovering the…
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Your donations enabled Brian from CT to receive the dental treatment he deserves:

“Mission Critical assisted me graciously in ensuring that my teeth were repaired and allowed me to have dental care not offered through VA coverage. I was disappointed that I could not take care of my teeth.” According to Brian, your support has left him feeling “very grateful, elated and overjoyed. I [am] so relieved. Thank…
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Thanks to your support, a Service Member from Florida received innovative treatment for his neck injuries:

It has been Mission Critical’s honor to help a service member from Florida who incurred multiple neck and back injuries from deployments and training. Despite various surgeries and treatments, he has suffered chronic pain in his head, neck, and back for the past five years, “As with most soldiers, you just deal with it and move on,…
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Thank you for standing by a critically-ill veteran’s family while he was in and out of hospital:

Mission Critical assisted a Special Operations Sergeant Major who was diagnosed with kidney failure because of infections sustained from a downrange blast injury. He has been in and out of hospital since 2015 for multiple procedures, including a failed transplant. He has suffered MRSA infections from the surgeries, has endured multiple system failures, and was…
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